Educational company:

  • English Immersion - family, partner, school;
  • Full Education in England - school, university, master's program;
  • Practice in England;
  • Children's Programs - language, school, tours;
  • Summer Youth Exchange - Durham University.

MOST EDUCATION is a unique educational company in the UK with long-term partnership agreements with public schools, business organizations, municipal departments.

Another unique feature of the company is its geographical location in the county of Durham, where the vast majority of the population are indigenous classical British. Your child will be in 100% English immersion, learning the language, culture and mentality, surrounded by native speakers.

All our employees are qualified British teachers with more than 30 years of experience in various positions in schools and colleges in England. We are experts in obtaining the highest results and we guarantee your child the highest efficiency from programs, including, if necessary, admission to the country's elite universities.

We provide assistance and direct assistance in entering universities (bachelor and master). We provide the entire support package from work and assistance in Moscow, visa processing, and direct support in England, where we are based and speak Russian.

We are consultants to the UK Department of Education, we are members of the UNESCO Committee on Education and the working group of youth programs at the European Union.

We offer the following programs:

  • English Immersion - family, partner, school, school certificate;
  • Full Education in England - school (certificate), university, master's program;
  • Practice in England - the language, experience and reference of the company;
  • Children's Programs - language, school, tours, school certificate;
  • Summer Youth Exchange - Durham University + European Certificate.