Abctria Gid

Bergsteiggasse 15/2. Vienna. Austria
Studying in Austria. Kindergartens. Schools. Universities. Language classes.

Our company organizes admission to any educational institution in Austria. We have a representative office both in Russia and in Austria. Studying with us in Austria will become accessible and useful. A diploma of a prestigious university will open for you the doors of the most sought-after companies in the world.

Having been educated in Austria, you are sure to find a well-paid job and you can easily provide for yourself and your family. For those who have already graduated in their own country, there is a great opportunity to confirm their academic status, take language courses in Austria or receive an international diploma.

Just contact us and get a free consultation from professionals. We are ready to support you in everything. We will give the maximum of useful information, we will select the best options, literally become your guide in Austria!

Our team has specialists from various fields of activity, including a lawyer who can provide you with legal support in Austria on a variety of issues. Nothing is impossible for us. What exactly do you need? Have a child in a school or kindergarten in Austria? Take language courses with native speakers?