HTMi – Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland

Moscow, Nauchny Lane 8
If you are interested in the tourism industry as a potential area for building a career, here are the main proofs that you are on the right track.

First, in spite of any foreign policy and economic events, this industry is steadily developing: new hotels and restaurants are opening around the world, airlines are launching new routes, and at the same time many countries began to significantly soften the visa regime.

Second, large-scale events are held annually, be it business conferences, sports competitions or music concerts. In addition, huge investments, including in Russia, are invested in the development of domestic tourism.

All this and much more contributes to a steady increase in demand for highly qualified specialists in the field of tourism and hospitality. And when you are convinced of the correctness of the choice of the business of your dreams, a very important point comes to mind: which institute is right for you to study this specialty.

Here, of course, Swiss universities have no rivals! For more than 100 years, they have brought their education system to almost perfection, building it on the principle of close interaction between theory and practice. After studying 4 years for a bachelor degree, students will receive not only a prestigious diploma, which in the case of HTMi will be a «double" diploma, but also 1.5-2 years of practical experience in the industry, which will significantly increase your chances of finding a prestigious and well-paid position.

There are quite a lot of hotel business institutes in Switzerland, so you need to choose from them on the basis of the “price / quality” ratio.

For example, HTMi is inferior in price to many competitors.

At the same time, after studying the ratings, you will find that the University in only 20 years of existence has already entered the top 5 best universities in Switzerland and the top 15 best worldwide in this specialty. And this is by no means accidental! A strong team of teachers, a competent development strategy in the education market and the impressive career success of graduates led HTMi to such an impressive result.