EduGreece-Education in Greece

Kirov, st.Chapaeva 22
Higher education in Greece on a budget.

EduGreece is a platform for services in the following areas:

  • higher education;
  • language classes;
  • organization of extracurricular activities;
  • real estate (rent / purchase);
  • tourism.

Our mission is to give higher education to everyone. The main task is to apply for the budget to public universities in Greece.

Areas of study:

  • humanitarian, legal and social disciplines;
  • healthcare;
  • technological sciences;
  • economics and management;
  • Other sciences.

33 universities, 583 study programs and admission to 20 programs. No exams, no knowledge of a foreign language.

Our advantages:

  • We are the organizers, so we do everything ourselves;
  • We work with the Ministry of Education of Greece and the Consulate of the Russian Federation (and the CIS) directly;
  • The lowest prices;
  • Installment plan;
  • Control of each stage - from the collection of documents to enrollment;
  • Contract without footnotes;
  • Guaranteed admission noted in the contract.

Your success is our success!